Anthology Bundle
Access Virus Ti / Ti2 Soundsets
Deep Reaction Vol.1
Access Virus Ti / Ti2 Soundset

EDM Motion Vol.2
Reveal Sound Spire Soundest

Space Gravitation
Eventide Blackhole Soundset
EDM Evolution Vol.5
Access Virus Ti / Ti2 Soundset


DUSTONS.COM is a boutique sample creation and sound design company based out of LA, USA.

We always bring new and fresh Samples, Sounds, Soundsets fot the most known synthesizers, DAW Templates and Midi Loops.


Exclusively for elite producers who demand Professional, we’ve got the High Quality Latest Audio Samples Kits, Soundsets and anything you need to take your tracks to the next level.



  • About EDM Evolution Virus Ti2/Ti SoundSets

    Thanks. Amazing stuff. Hope to see more in the future.

    Richard Katuin
    Richard KatuinWEB
  • About EDM Evolution Vol.4 Virus Ti2/Ti SoundSet

    Thank you, thank’s, thank’s for your dedication, for the best sound of the Trance scene today, to achieve the best Soundsets of musicians for musicians !!

    Gabriel Rached
    Gabriel RachedWEB
  • About Cinemotion Vol.1 Virus Ti2/Ti SoundSet

    Amazing sounds ! Nice stuff !

    Onel Greece
    Onel GreeceWEB
  • About Cinemotion Vol.1 Virus Ti2/Ti SoundSet

    Brilliant and superbly created sounds... bravo!

    Streets of Vancouver
    Streets of VancouverWEB
  • About Cinemotion Vol.1 Virus Ti2/Ti SoundSet

     Excellent sounds and music!

    Michel Geiss
    Michel GeissWEB
  • About 303 Analog Madness Virus Ti2/Ti/Snow SoundSet

    This is brilliant !

    Martin LeBlanc Eigtved
    Martin LeBlanc EigtvedWEB
  • About Deep Reaction Vol.1 Virus Ti2/Ti/Snow SoundSet

    Some words about this commercial set from I was very lucky that I tested this product these days. It's a set ideal for many kinds of electronic music, especially for house and techno. I have to say I was impressed by the detailed programming. It is a very clean-sounding set. Many patches sounds like crystal water. Huge basses, sophisticated keys, inspirational plucks, modern leads, super guitars, atmospheric pads ( only 3 I wanted more ) and useful bells, no need to modify, ready to synthesize immediately . Definitely one of the best set I heard this year. Highly recommended. I can state with confidence that people at Dustons do perfect work. They give you exactly what you want, 128 unique patches, no less than 128. Well, it's time for a very special and strong Ambient - Drone set , I am waiting ...

    Telson Chris
    Telson ChrisWEB


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