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Anthology Bundle for Access Virus TI/TI2/SNOW

The Anthology Bundle for Access Virus contains all our Access Virus Ti Series SoundSets to date in one neatly organised yet hugely discounted bundle.

Anthology Bundle for U-He HIVE

TRAP Innovation Bundle for U-he HIVE

EDM Evolution Bundle For Access Virus TI/TI2/SNOW


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  • About EDM Evolution Virus Ti2/Ti SoundSets

    Thanks. Amazing stuff. Hope to see more in the future.

    Richard Katuin
    Richard Katuin WEB
  • About EDM Evolution Vol.4 Virus Ti2/Ti SoundSet

    Thank you, thank’s, thank’s for your dedication, for the best sound of the Trance scene today, to achieve the best Soundsets of musicians for musicians !!

    Gabriel Rached
    Gabriel Rached WEB
  • About Cinemotion Vol.1 Virus Ti2/Ti SoundSet

    Amazing sounds ! Nice stuff !

    Onel Greece
    Onel Greece WEB
  • About Cinemotion Vol.1 Virus Ti2/Ti SoundSet

    Brilliant and superbly created sounds... bravo!

    Streets of Vancouver
    Streets of Vancouver WEB
  • About Cinemotion Vol.1 Virus Ti2/Ti SoundSet

     Excellent sounds and music!

    Michel Geiss
    Michel Geiss WEB
  • About 303 Analog Madness Virus Ti2/Ti/Snow SoundSet

    This is brilliant !

    Martin LeBlanc Eigtved
    Martin LeBlanc Eigtved WEB
  • About Deep Reaction Vol.1 Virus Ti2/Ti/Snow SoundSet

    Some words about this commercial set from Dustons.com. I was very lucky that I tested this product these days. It's a set ideal for many kinds of electronic music, especially for house and techno.

    I have to say I was impressed by the detailed programming. It is a very clean-sounding set. Many patches sounds like crystal water. Huge basses, sophisticated keys, inspirational plucks, modern leads, super guitars, atmospheric pads ( only 3 I wanted more ) and useful bells, no need to modify, ready to synthesize immediately .

    Definitely one of the best set I heard this year. Highly recommended. I can state with confidence that people at Dustons do perfect work. They give you exactly what you want, 128 unique patches, no less than 128.

    Well, it's time Dustons.com for a very special and strong Ambient - Drone set , I am waiting ...

    Telson Chris
    Telson Chris WEB
  • About EDM Evolution Vol.5 Virus Ti2/Ti SoundSet

    Well, another one Dustons soundset, another one pleasant surprise for me. I was impressed by Dustons work once again. Let’s say a few words about it.

    The collection includes the following categories: Bass, Choirs, FX’s, Leads, Pads, and Plucks Presets. EDM Evolution Vol. 5 soundset is full of action, dark and punchy basses and basslines, modern leads, deep and colourful pads, expressive and atmospheric plucks, 3 mysterious fx’s, and 3 aethereal choirs.

    The soundset offers 128 patches suitable for general dance electronic music, and if you want me to be more specific it’s ideal for EDM, Techno, House, Progressive House, Disco Pop.

    Actually I believe these patches are for use with many other styles of music, but it’s a personal view. I am pretty confident that you will find new and interesting sounds. It’s for sure, all of these sounds are waiting for you to explore them and discover their possibilities.

    EDM Evolution Vol. 5 will add motion, depth and shine to your compositions, because these patches include everything from beautiful soft and glassy tones, and the quality and dexterity you would expect from Dustons sounds. This soundset will definitely blow your mind away.

    Personally I love Dustons sounds because of their clearness and strength . They inspire me like no one else.

    Dustons Team made excellent work one more time.

    Thank you guys, keep on the dreamy work. Chris.

    Telson Chris
    Telson Chris WEB


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